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HCP Data Update: March 2014 Patch Release

Mar 25, 2014

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) has made several important updates to the fMRI data released for Q1-Q3 available for download in ConnectomeDB. This includes the first release of volume-smoothed tfMRI analysis data and the release of the March 2014 data patch, which fixes all known data bugs/updates for Q1-Q3 HCP data. Users of all HCP data, whether downloaded via ConnectomeDB or ordered on Connectome hard drives, are strongly encouraged to download and apply this patch.

Volume-smoothed individual (within-subject) task fMRI analysis data:

In addition to the grayordinates-based tfMRI analysis data released with Q3, we are now releasing the results of within-subject fixed-effects volume-based tfMRI analyses for all Q1-Q3 subjects. These analyses index mean effects for an individual subject averaged across the two scan runs for a specific task.

To access the volume-smoothed tfMRI analysis data, click the Download button for any group of subjects. On the Download Packages page, select the “analysis” format, scroll down to the volume-smoothed packages, and select the tasks you would like to queue for download.   

Volume-smoothed tfMRI data is released even though it has drawbacks in statistical power and spatial resolution compared to surface-smoothed data (see Glasser et al., Neuroimage, 2013; Barch et al., Neuroimage, 2013).  Investigators who use the volume-smoothed data should be aware of these limitations and are encouraged instead to use surface smoothing and the CIFTI format whenever feasible (implementation of CIFTI-compatibility for tfMRI analyses in FSL is in progress).

Physiological monitoring data timing issue corrected:

Timing offsets in the physiological monitoring data have been fixed, for all Q1-Q3 physio log files where timing realignment was possible. Corrected files are available as part of the March 2014 data patch, which can be downloaded from a link under Quick Downloads on the ConnectomeDB splash page.

Other Bug Fixes and Updates:

The March 2014 data patch also fixes bugs and makes improvements to tfMRI  EV, Stats, and movement regressors files, plus restores the script to the Results folder for each task.Detailed descriptions are on our wiki page: HCP Data Release Updates: Known Bugs/Missing files and Planned fixes

Instructions for running the March 2014 data patch are in the README file included in the downloadable archive.

As always, please submit any questions about the data and processing to so that all may benefit from the discussion.

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