HCP Aging

HCP-Aging Study Releases Task Protocols

Author: Will Horton
Published: Nov 10, 2017
Study: HCP Aging

The first aim of the HCP-Aging study was to optimize the protocols that were used in the HCP Lifespan Pilot study. These protocols needed to be optimized for use across a very wide age range (ages 36+), including the very old (ages 80+). This protocol optimization resulted in a set of three Task protocols: "EMOTION," "FACENAME," and "VISMOTOR." Now, after extensive preparation and documentation and with subject scanning well underway, these protocols have been prepared for release. 

Each protocol contains a "practice" assessment and a "scan" assessment that is administered to a participant while they are in the MRI scanner. The protocols are configured to run on a 2-monitor setup, where the participant is shown a prompt and the research assistant is given an explanatory script to read to ensure consistency. 

To learn more about each task or download the tasks for your study use, see: HCP-Aging Task Protocols

Also, the HCP-Development study has released its task protocols, which includes the EMOTION protocol. Learn more at:  HCP-Development Task Protocols