HCP Young Adult

MEG Initial Release Reference

Release Date: Mar 03, 2014
Type: Data Release

IMPORTANT: Before you begin to use HCP Data, please review the set of available HCP Data Use Terms, and follow the steps to accept the terms that apply to your research.

The MEG1 release includes high quality MEG scans from 14 healthy adults (all members of monozygotic twin pairs) collected at rest (rMEG) and during 3 tasks (tMEG) that measure sensory, motor, and cognitive task performance.  

To achieve 10 full datasets each of rMEG and each tMEG task, data from more than 10 subjects are included.  This includes 3 subjects with MEG data, plus released data for the rest of the HCP protocol (T1w and T2w MRI, rfMRI, tfMRI, dMRI, and behavioral measures). MRI and behavioral measures for the remaining 11 subjects will be released as part of the upcoming HCP 500 Subjects Release scheduled for late spring 2014.

The MEG1 release includes:

  • raw, unprocessed MEG data in 4D Neuroimaging format
  • co-registration information (in the form of transformation matrices) that allow coordinate transformations between individual subject MEG coordinate systems and the MNI coordinate system
  • volume conduction model of the head (in MATLAB format)
  • regular 3-D source models (in MATLAB format)
  • E-Prime log files (tab-delimited and as Excel spreadsheets)
  • lists of bad channels and bad segments
  • sets of independent components (each comprising the time course and the sensor map) together with the related classification output
  • cleaned channel-level processed data aligned to stimulus and response onsets (for the task data) or segmented in short pieces (2 sec epochs for the resting state data)
  • averaged event-related fields and time-frequency estimates of power (for the task data)
  • averaged power spectra (for the resting state data)

In addition to MEG data, which is available for download via ConnectomeDB, the pipelines HCP used to process the MEG1 release data, megconnectome software version 1.0, are available for download and use.

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