NIH Blueprint: The Human Connectome Project

Collaborative Opportunities

The WU-Minn HCP consortium aims to promote widespread data sharing and to maximize the benefits of the Human Connectome Project to the neuroscience community.  This will entail extensive cooperation, communication, and (in selected cases) collaboration with external investigators who are not part of the WU-Minn consortium.  Investigators interested in exploring opportunities along such lines should follow the guidelines summarized below.

Ideas or methods potentially relevant to the HCP

Investigators may have ideas for improvements in data acquisition, analysis, and/or dissemination that might directly benefit the WU-Minn HCP effort.  To explore such possibilities:

  • Submit an HCP Collaboration Request, using the form at right.
  • Be specific in describing the idea and how it might benefit the HCP. 

Promoting common data formats

The HCP endorses the growing effort to promote sharing of neuroimaging data using common data formats. 

  • The HCP will use existing, widely-adopted data formats when feasible (e.g., NIFTI, GIFTI)
  • As new data formats are developed (e.g., for connectivity matrices and other connectome-specific datasets), we will communicate and coordinate with other stakeholders in an effort to converge on common formats. Investigators interested in participating in a discussion group on HCP data formats should contact John Harwell using the form at right.
  • As standard formats that will be used for HCP data emerge during Phase I (years 1 and 2), they will be made available on the OT7 (Informatics) section of the HCP website.

Encouraging standardized protocols.

  • Numerous protocols for data acquisition and analysis will be designed, implemented, and evaluated during Phase I.  The general strategies involved are summarized briefly in:  About the Project: Project Overview and Components.  These will be updated periodically as refinements occur.
  • Specific protocols will be shared on the HCP website as they become finalized, near the end of Phase I. Investigators who would like to discuss HCP protocols under development (e.g., to explore possible synergies with other large-scale imaging projects) contact the appropriate Operations Team leader(s)