The Human Connectome Project sits on the cutting edge of brain imaging and analysis, which makes an understanding of the tools and processes in use all the more important to share.

Connectome Software

Get Connectome Workbench
  • Connectome Workbench Tutorial

    Download the latest tutorial document here and its associated HCP dataset (download from ConnectomeDB) to learn how to use Connectome Workbench.

    Get Tutorial Get Dataset from BALSA (acceptance of Open Access Data Use Terms required)
  • Connectome Workbench: Guide To Annotations

    Extensive documentation of annotation features within Connectome Workbench.

    Get Tutorial

  • Workbench Command Documentation

    View documentation.

  • MEG Connectome Pipeline v1.0

    Download megconnectome software, which consists of analysis scripts, analysis functions and template data that correspond to analysis steps in the MEG processing pipeline. View documentation and download pipeline.

Processing Tools

  • FieldTrip Demo. FieldTrip is a Matlab software toolbox for MEG and EEG analysis.