Using the ConnectomeDB

The ConnectomeDB is a data management platform that will house all data generated by the Human Connectome Project - image data, clinical evaluations, behavioral data and more.

The ConnectomeDB is designed to be a data-mining tool, that allows users to generate and test hypotheses based on groups of subjects. Using the ConnectomeDB interface, users can easily search, browse and filter large amounts of participant data, and download necessary files for many kinds of analysis.

Also, ConnectomeDB is designed to work seamlessly with Connectome Workbench, an interactive, multidimensional visualization platform designed specifically for handling connectivity data. From Workbench, users will be able to generate and explore group average data from customized sets of participants.

Selecting and downloading packages of data via ConnectomeDB.


Fully de-identified data within the ConnectomeDB is publically accessible as it is released. Access to additional restricted data is available to qualified research investigators. The ConnectomeDB is a web-based tool, and the data will be hosted on a BlueArc storage platform housed at Washington University through the year 2020.

Software Plaftorm

This data platform will be based on XNAT, an open-source image informatics software toolkit developed by the NRG at Washington University. The ConnectomeDB itself is fully open source. (License).

Release Date

ConnectomeDB version 1 has been released in conjunction with the Q1 data release, and is available at


ConnectomeDB documentation and user guides are available on this site: ConnectomeDB User Guide.