CCF Services

Many new studies are being funded by the NIH to explore the human connectome using HCP-style acquisition protocols in the context of different diseases and healthy populations across the lifespan. The goal of the Connectome Coordination Facility (CCF) is to provide services across all of these studies to maximize the quality and comparability of data in each study, and to facilitate data sharing.

Specifically, the CCF is providing these services to the awardees of the U01 Connectomes Related to Human Disease program and to the HCP Lifespan consortia:

  • CCF Helpdesk: The CCF provides consultation and guidance to help studies acquire neuroimages that are maximally compatible with existing HCP image data. The CCF’s helpdesk serves projects that use existing HCP scanners or similar platforms (e.g. Siemens Prisma) by providing up-to-date data acquisition sequences and image reconstruction algorithms and verifying that the sites are obtaining high quality data that are harmonized with those of the HCP.
  • Subject-specific Data Harmonization: The CCF provides services to maximize comparability of behavioral and demographic data acquired by CCF contributors including pre-data acquisition guidance, streamlined transfer of de-identified subject data, and developing a common data dictionary to facilitate comparison between datasets.
  • Data Import & Processing: The CCF is enabling streamlined data transfer mechanisms to receive datasets from participating studies, applying a common set of manual and automatic quality metrics, and running a standardized set of processing pipelines on all datasets.
  • Expanded Data Repository & Sharing: The CCF will work with the NIH Data Archive (NDA) to publish and distribute all publicly-accessible data from CCF studies.