Using Workbench Command

Workbench Command is a set of command-line tools that can be used to perform simple and complex operations within Connectome Workbench.

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Version: 1.3.1
Commit Date: 2018-06-04 20:08:38 -0500
Operating System: Linux

Information options:
   -help                       show this help info
   -arguments-help             explain the format of subcommand help info
   -global-options             display options that can be added to any command
   -parallel-help              details on how wb_command uses parallelization
   -cifti-help                 explain the cifti file format and related terms
   -gifti-help                 explain the gifti file format (metric, surface)
   -version                    show extended version information
   -list-commands              list all processing subcommands
   -list-deprecated-commands   list deprecated subcommands
   -all-commands-help          show all processing subcommands and their help
                                  info - VERY LONG

To get the help information of a processing subcommand, run it without any
   additional arguments.

If the first argument is not recognized, all processing commands that start
   with the argument are displayed.