Connectome Workbench v1.3.2 Released

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Aug 28, 2018

Announcing the release of version 1.3.2 of Connectome Workbench (WB) brain visualization and analysis software. This release fixes a few bugs and adds some features, most notably Annotation substitutions, which allows one to efficiently make a series of annotations (text labels) with content loaded from a CSV file (*.wb_annsub.csv).

The Workbench distribution, available for 64-bit Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux, includes wb_view, a GUI-based visualization platform, and wb_command, a command-line program for performing a variety of algorithmic tasks using volume, surface, and grayordinate data.

Changes in Workbench v1.3.2

New Features 

  • Yoked annotation substitutions (and updates in Workbench Help and Guide to Annotations)
  • Updates to BALSA Upload dialog including notification of updated extraction directory prefix
  • Tab number always included in the name of the tab since some GUI controls (volume surface outline) use the tab number

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixes for sizing of color bars
  • Missing QT SVG library has been added to Linux distributions

New Features 

  • new -surface-geodesic-all-to-all command
  • fwhm estimation now has "whole file" and "demean" options

Notes on launching Workbench: (1) wb_command must be run from a terminal window (not double-clicked on Mac or Windows); (2) wb_view may crash if used with a remote desktop due to problems with Xcb and OpenGL in the remote desktops.  VirtualGL works for some users. Even if wb_view runs in a remote desktop, performance may be poor as they often use software implementations of OpenGL.

WB v1.3.2 is compatible with the WB v1.0 tutorial and the processed 1200 Subjects Group Average Data available to download at and on the ConnectomeDB HCP project page. Access to both datasets require ConnectomeDB login and signature of the HCP Open Access Data Use Terms.

Download the WB v1.3.2 source code from GitHub:  Under v1.3.2, click the “Source code (zip)” or “Source code (tar.gz)” button.

Discussion of Connectome Workbench usage, bugs, and features can be posted to the hcp-users discussion list (sign up here).