HCP Lifespan Pilot Project - Phase 1a Parameters

Study Design

Five participants per age group (ages 25-35, 45-55 and 65-75) or 6 participants per age group (ages 8-9 and 14-15) were studied in Phase 1a to evaluate their ability to tolerate the MR sessions. Data for the 4-6 year old group was not collected in Phase 1a because the pediatric head coil wasn’t ready yet.

Scanning Parameters

Modality WU (3T Connectom)
Structural 0.8mm isotropic T1w, T2w
rfMRI 2mm isotropic, MB8, TR 720 ms
tfMRI 2mm isotropic, MB8, TR 720 ms
4 tasks
dMRI 1.5mm isotropic, MB3
b= 1000 and 2500, each
75 directions, acquired with both RL and LR phase-encoding polarity


Scan type, duration, and order for WashU 3T Connectom scanner (Phase 1a)

Interested investigators should refer to the scan session details in ConnectomeDB for each individual participant.