BANDA: Connectomes Related to Anxiety & Depression

Imaging Protocols for BANDA

BANDA's imaging protocols are based on the 2016 CCF template protocol with a total duration of approximately 70 minutes.

In short, the protocol scan sequences were:

  • T1w (MPRAGE) and T2w (SPACE) structural scans of 0.8mm isotropic resolution.
  • Resting state fMRI (rfMRI) of 2mm isotropic resolution, multiband (MB) acceleration factor of 8, TR 720ms, acquired twice: once with AP and once with PA phase encoding.
  • Diffusion MRI (dMRI) 1.5mm isotropic, MB acceleration factor of 4, 98/99 directions in each shell (b=0 and 3000) acquired twice: once with AP and once with PA phase encoding. In addition, field maps were acquired to correct for intensity and geometric distortions.

3 Different versions of the protocol were used throughout the study. The changes between versions were fairly minimal, but notable:




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