Neural Disconnection & Errant Visual Perception in Psychotic Psychopathology

Imaging Protocols for P-HCP

P-HCP's imaging protocols are based on the 2016 CCF template protocol with a total duration of approximately 70 minutes.

In short, the 3T protocol scan sequences were:

  • T1w (MPRAGE) and T2w (SPACE) structural scans of 0.8mm isotropic resolution.
  • Resting state fMRI (rfMRI) of 2mm isotropic resolution, multiband (MB) acceleration factor of 8, TR 800ms, acquired twice: once with AP and once with PA phase encoding.
  • Diffusion MRI (dMRI) 1.5mm isotropic, MB acceleration factor of 4, 98/99 directions in each shell (b=0 and 3000) acquired twice: once with AP and once with PA phase encoding. In addition, field maps were acquired to correct for intensity and geometric distortions.

3T Protocol: phcp_3t_protocol.pdf

For 7T, fMRI data acquisition parameters followed the 7T scanning protocol in the original Young Adult HCP. fMRI data were acquired with TR = 1000 ms, resolution = 1.6 mm isotropic,  phase encode (PE) direction = anterior-posterior, multi-band acceleration factor = 5, parallel imaging acceleration factor = 2.

For 7T Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS), protocol details can be found in Schallmo et al. 2023.

7T fMRI Protocol: phcp_7t_fmri_protocol_20220406.pdf

7T MRS Protocol: phcp_7t_mrs_protocol_20220406.pdf

Further Reading:

Demro, C., Mueller, B. A., Kent, J. S., Burton, P. C., Olman, C. A., Schallmo, M. P., Lim, K. O., & Sponheim, S. R. (2021). The psychosis human connectome project: An overview. NeuroImage, 241, 118439.

Schallmo, M. P., Weldon, K. B., Kamath, R. S., Moser, H. R., Montoya, S. A., Killebrew, K. W., Demro, C., Grant, A. N., MarjaĊ„ska, M., Sponheim, S. R., & Olman, C. A. (2023). The psychosis human connectome project: Design and rationale for studies of visual neurophysiology. NeuroImage, 272, 120060.

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