Epilepsy Connectome Project


Data being collected

  • Standard HCP demographics, along with demographic surveys, medical and seizure history. 
  • Imaging:
  • MR data collection at both sites will be conducted on a GE MR750 3T scanner and using imaging modalities including diffusion-weighted MR imaging of structural, functional (resting state and task) of dynamic network interactions.
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG).
  • Clinical: Neuropsychological testing, blood work (genetics).
  • Behavioral: In addition to HCP fMRI tasks, language lateralization and Semantic Memory fMRI tasks, will be added as they are critical to assessing Epilepsy patients.  The HCP LifeSpan gambling task will not be performed.

Cohort Description

A total of 340 participants ages 18-50 will be enrolled in the study, consisting of 140 healthy controls, and 200 participants with idiopathic TLE. 

Data Release Plans

  • The first data release includes 100 participants.
  • The second data release includes 200 participants.
  • The third data release includes 340 participants.


Epilepsy, refractory, Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), idiopathic TLE, magnetoencephalography