HCP Aging

HCP Aging Releases Task fMRI Scripts

Author: Will Horton
Published: Nov 13, 2017
Study: HCP Aging

One of the first aims of the HCP Aging study has been to optimize the protocols that were used in the HCP Lifespan Pilot study, including the functional MRI tasks to be performed in the scanner, for use across a very wide age range (ages 36+), including the very old (ages 80+). The task fMRI protocol optimization resulted in a set of three Tasks being used in the study: "CARIT", "FACENAME", and "VISMOTOR." Now, after extensive preparation and documentation and with subject scanning underway, the Psychopy scripts for running these tasks have been prepared for release. 

Each set of scripts contains a "practice" assessment and a "scan" assessment that is administered to a participant while they are in the MRI scanner. The protocols are configured to run on a 2-monitor setup, where the participant is shown a prompt and the research assistant is given an explanatory script to read to ensure consistency. 

To learn more about each task or download the scripts for your study use, see: HCP-Aging Task Protocols

Also, the HCP Development study has released its task scripts, which includes the same CARIT task as used for HCP Aging. Learn more at:  HCP-Development Task Protocols.