HCP Aging

Lifespan 2.0 Release of HCP-Aging & HCP-Development data

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Feb 26, 2021
Study: HCP Aging

The Lifespan Human Connectome Project (HCP) consortia for HCP-Aging & HCP-Development are thrilled to announce the Lifespan 2.0 Release of imaging and behavioral data on the NIMH Data Archive (NDA)!

Lifespan HCP Release 2.0 includes cross-sectional visit 1 (V1) preprocessed structural and functional imaging data, unprocessed V1 imaging data for all included modalities (structural, high-res hippocampal T2, resting state fMRI, task fMRI, diffusion, and ASL), and non-imaging demographic and behavioral assessment data from 725 HCP-Aging (HCP-A, ages 36-100+) and 652 HCP-Development (HCP-D, ages 5-21) healthy participants, respectively (22+ TB of data/project!). 

What’s new in the Lifespan 2.0 release?

  • Preprocessed rfMRI and tfMRI data available for ALL release subjects
  • Processed sMRI and fMRI data in modality- and processing output-specific "HCP package" datasets  
    • HCP packages  cater to different analysis purposes can be used as filters on the Lifespan 2.0 NDA Query page to create custom download packages     
    • Most users should access Preprocessed Recommended data that have been cleaned of spatially specific structured noise and precisely aligned across subjects  by multimodal cortical surface registration (MSMAll)   
  • Behavioral and biomeasure data available for all released subjects, including NIH Toolbox measures for most subjects. 

Get Access and Download the data: Get started with the Data Access and Download Instructions for navigating NDA and using it's download tools. We've also created a wiki that details setup steps  for downloading data via NDA's command line tools.

Want more information?  Check out our updated documentation to help with understanding the file structure and interpreting the data:

Join the Community. If you are actively using HCP data and tools, we encourage you to join and be active in the HCP-Users Google group, so that you can tune in to technical discussions on issues that may be of interest. Once you have joined (posts from nonmembers are moderated to control spam), post questions to hcp-users@humanconnectome.org.  

Thanks again for your interest in HCP Lifespan and enjoy the data!