S1200 Extensively Processed fMRI Data

Netmats Megatrawl (820 Subjects): An analysis of the relationships between imaging and non-imaging measures in the HCP, using multivariate-prediction and univariate-regression.

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HCP_S900_GroupAvg_v1 Dataset (881, 820, and 787 Subjects): This Connectome Workbench-compatible dataset (1.4 GB zip file) includes group-average structural and functional MRI data and associated tutorial for the HCP S900 data release (December, 2015). Composite files containing MSMAll-registered maps of folding, ‘sulc’, myelin, and thickness also enable efficient navigation of individual subject data.

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Group Average Functional Connectivity (820 Subjects): Two group average dense functional connectomes have been generated from 820 subjects in the S900 release, one based on MSMAll (recommended for most analyses) and the other based on MSMSulc (less well aligned, available for comparison purposes).

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HCP900 Parcellation + Timeseries + Netmats (820 Subjects): Analysis based on data from all 820 subjects in the S900 data release having four complete rfMRI runs (with 100% of collected timepoints), yielding the following outputs at 6 ICA dimensionalities: Group-average parcellations yielded by group-ICA, subject-specific parcellations, subject-specific node timeseries, and a set of subject-specific parcellated connectomes.

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