HCP Young Adult

500 Subjects + MEG2 Data Release Reference

Release Date: Nov 25, 2014
Type: Data Release

IMPORTANT: Before you begin to use HCP Data, please review the set of available HCP Data Use Terms, and follow the steps to accept the terms that apply to your research.

The 500 Subjects Release includes behavioral and 3T MR imaging data from over 500 healthy adult participants collected in Q1-Q6. In addition to MR scans, the MEG2 release includes 67 subjects that were scanned in resting-state MEG (rMEG) and task MEG (tMEG).

Highlights of the 500 Subjects + MEG2 Data Release:

  • MEG scans (unprocessed, channel-level processed, and source-level processed) from 67 subjects, including over 30 individual complete datasets with resting state (rMEG) and each of the three task protocols (tMEG: motor, working memory, and language processing).
  • Structural MRI-based MEG anatomical models for all subjects for which MEG data have been released.
  • megconnectome software v2.2, v2.1, and v2.0 scripts used to process the MEG2 release data. See MEG Pipelines documentation for more information.
  • Behavioral and demographic data on 542 subjects.
  • MR imaging data preprocessed using updated pipelines. For details, view HCP MR Processing Pipelines on GitHub.
  • Updates to pipelines include a new intersubject registration method called MSMSulc. All MR data from Q1-Q3 releases have been reprocessed. HCP strongly advises against mixing data from this release with previously-released data.
  • Individual task fMRI grayordinate-based analysis results (available at 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, and 12mm smoothing levels) and volume-based analysis results (4mm smoothing) are available for all complete 500 Subjects tfMRI data.
  • All imaging data soon to be available on the cloud through Amazon S3. (More information to come!)

IMPORTANT: Subjects 209733 and 528446 removed from ConnectomeDB.

Second-level QC revealed two Q2 subjects, 209733 and 528446, with structural brain abnormalities, specifically gray matter heterotopia, that affect the functional and structural connectivity of these subjects. All data from these subjects has been removed from ConnectomeDB and we recommend that data from these subjects NOT be used in analyses. These subjects were included in the Unrelated 40, Unrelated 80, and Related 120 groups on ConnectomeDB and were part of Connectome in a Box distributions until May 2014.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this to users who have ongoing analyses incorporating these two subjects.

Please check on our Known Issues and Planned Fixes page on the HCP Wiki for up-to-date information on data releases.

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