HCP Young Adult

Q3 Data Release Reference

Release Date: Sep 23, 2013
Type: Data Release

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The Q3 data release consists of multimodal MRI data collected from more than 85 healthy young adults scanned in Spring 2013. The current release expands the total (Q1-Q3) number of released healthy participant data for imaging and/or behavioral measures to more than 220. The Q3 release also includes:

  • Denoising of structured artifacts in rfMRI data - rfMRI data is available for all Q1-Q3 subjects that has been cleaned of structured noise, using a new method termed ICA-FIX. This method combines independent component analysis (ICA) with a hierarchical fusion of classifiers approach developed by Oxford University's FMRIB team.
  • Individual Task fMRI analyses - individual subject data was analyzed (within-subject) using FSL's FEAT on all Q1-Q3 subjects.
  • Group-average functional data on two groups - group average resting state connectivity and task fMRI data are available. A set of 40 unrelated individuals (U40) and a set of 120 individuals, some of whom are related (R120), were used.
  • More behavioral and individual difference data - more fields of open-access, restricted and sensitive data are now available, including mental state and sleep scoring, handedness, color vision, visual acuity and substance abuse data.
  • Q1-Q2 data patch - as tracked in our data wiki, a number of identified issues have been fixed with Q1-Q2 subject data. These issues can be resolved by downloading a patch file from ConnectomeDB.
  • Updated dMRI data - an improved image reconstruction algorithm has been applied in the reconstructions of scans for all subjects scanned since April 27, 2013. 26 of these subjects are being released in Q3. This algorithm is being retroactively applied to all Q1 and Q2 subjects as well, and will be released later in Fall 2013.
  • NEW: Updated dMRI data - an improved image reconstruction algorithm has been applied in the reconstructions of diffusion scans for all subjects for which diffusion was collected in Q1-Q3. The dMRI data was released in 3 waves: Sept 23, 2013 - 26  Q3 subjects released, Nov 26, 2013 - 86 Q3 subjects released, and January 28, 2014 - all Q1-Q3 subjects released (216 subjects total).

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