Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis

First data from HCP for Early Psychosis Released

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Sep 09, 2020
Study: Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis

Announcing the first data release from the Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis (HCP-EP) on the NIMH Data Archive (NDA)

HCP-EP is a study of subjects ages 16-35 with early phase affective or non-affective psychoses, within 5 years of the initial onset of psychotic symptoms, plus healthy controls. A total of 183 subjects (34 affective and 91 non-affective psychotic patients, plus 58 matched healthy controls)  are included in the HCP-EP 1.0 Release. 

HCP-Early Psychosis Release 1.0 data includes unprocessed data of all modalities (structural MRI, resting state fMRI, and diffusion MRI) for 183 subjects and minimally preprocessed structural MRI data for 169 subjects, plus available demographic and behavioral data for released subjects. 

Users can download a single shared package (1.3 TB) with all released data or filter by modality, processing level, and subject GUID to create a custom package on the HCP Featured Datasets query page

Read the HCP-EP Release 1.0 Reference Manual for instructions on getting access and obtaining the data on NDA. If you are new to the NDA, see below instructions to get started.

If you don't currently have an account on the NDA, start the process by creating an NDA account

Request access to the Lifespan HCP data by: 

1. Log in and go to your Data Permissions dashboard.

2. Request Access to the ABCD/CCF permissions group in the Actions column.

3. Complete the access request instructions.

For detailed information on the process or criteria for access, visit Access Review

** If you already have access to ABCD or HCP Lifespan data, you only need to login to NDA to access HCP-EP data.