Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis

Updated HCP Early Psychosis 1.1 Release

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Aug 19, 2021
Study: Human Connectome Project for Early Psychosis

The HCP Early Psychosis (HCP-EP) disease project is happy to announce its 1.1 release of updated imaging and behavioral data on the NIMH Data Archive (NDA). HCP-EP is a study of subjects ages 16-35 with early phase affective or non-affective psychoses, within 5 years of the initial onset of psychotic symptoms, plus healthy controls. 

HCP-EP Release 1.1 data includes: 

  • unprocessed data of all modalities (structural MRI, resting state fMRI, and diffusion MRI) for 183 subjects
  • updated minimally preprocessed structural MRI data for 169 subjects
  • updated clinical and behavioral data for 251 subjects (68 more than were released previously)

What’s new in the HCP-EP 1.1 release?

  • Preprocessed structural imaging data has been updated to include the intended CIFTI *.dscalar.nii and *.dlabel.nii brain maps.   
  • Behavioral data has been updated to include the intended NIH Toolbox Cognition Composite Scores, Picture Sequence Memory Test, and Pattern Comparison Processing Speed Test data.  
  • Behavioral data is available for 251 subjects (68 more than the 1.0 release)

Want more information?  Check out the updated documentation with full details on the project and to help with interpreting the data:

Get Access and Download the dataGet started with the Data Access and Download Instructions for obtaining access, navigating NDA and using it's download tools. We've also created a wiki that details setup steps   for downloading data via NDA's command line tools.

Join the Community. If you are actively using HCP data and tools, we encourage you to join and be active in the HCP-Users Google group, so that you can tune in to technical discussions on issues that may be of interest. Once you have joined (posts from nonmembers are moderated to control spam), post questions to  

Thanks again for your interest in HCP Early Psychosis and enjoy the data!