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Dr. Sporns awarded Guggenheim Fellowship for 2011

Author: Will Horton
Published: Apr 23, 2011
Study: HCP Young Adult

We are pleased to pass on the news that Dr. Olaf Sporns, an investigator for the Human Connectome Project and one of the first to coin the term “Connectome,” has been awarded the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for 2011. Indiana University provides a writeup:

Sporns, author of the recently released Networks of the Brain, received his Fellowship for a project entitled “The Human Connectome,” which refers to a project intent on creating a complete map of the connections of the human brain. Like Manning, Sporns will use the award to fund a year-long sabbatical where his focus will be to compose a scholarly book focusing on topics related to connections in the brain.

“The book is concerned with addressing the origin and purpose of connections in the brain in addition to exploring their values, limitations and future applications,” said Sporns, professor and associate chair of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. “I also am interested in significantly broadening my knowledge of brain development and evolution to better understand the forces that have shaped the human brain.”