HCP Young Adult

S1200 Family Structure + Test-Retest Interval Updates

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Apr 12, 2017
Study: HCP Young Adult

Announcing updates to the 1200 Subject restricted data available in ConnectomeDB:

  • “HasGT” (has genotyping data) measure added. This measure enables users to ascertain which twin and family structure relationships are verified by genotyping and which are based on original self report. Full genotyping data is not yet available–stay tuned!
  • “Family_ID” measure added to facilitate finding HCP subjects who are biological siblings (verified by genotyping, if available). Note: Family_ID does not indicate shared upbringing/rearing environment.
  • Test-Retest-Interval (days between initial HCP protocol visit and retest visit) measure added for HCP Retest subjects.

Viewing/downloading these restricted data from ConnectomeDB requires HCP restricted data access. If you would like to apply for restricted data access download the application here.

If you have downloaded the S1200 restricted data since the March 1, 2017 release, we recommend updating your files with the current family structure data.

We have also updated the documentation to fully describe the new measures and add overall summary data of total numbers of subjects with data for the HCP protocol modalities, numbers of MZ and DZ twins, and family structure types.

Specifically, look for changes in these HCP S1200 Reference Manual sections: Introduction and Overview (pp. 7-20), S1200 HCP Subject Family Structure (pp. 78-81), Zygosity, Genotyping, Family and Parent IDs (pp. 180-182).


WU-Minn HCP Consortium