HCP Young Adult

First Release of 7T MR Image Data

Author: Jenn Elam
Published: Jun 20, 2016
Study: HCP Young Adult

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) WU-Minn consortium is pleased to announce our first release of 7T MR image data from 73 of the HCP 900 Subjects!

What’s in the HCP 900 Subjects + Initial 7T  data release? The 900 Subjects +7T-1 release includes 7T functional and diffusion MR imaging data from 73 healthy adult participants that are a subset of the 970 Subjects for which behavioral/demographic and 3T MR imaging data have already been released.

The 7T fMRI data was collected at 1.6mm resolution, but in order to facilitate 3T-to-7T comparisons, data is available at 1.6mm and 2.0mm resolution volumes, with 59k and 32k mesh surfaces, respectively, for the preprocessed packages.

7T data now available includes:

  • 4x15min Resting State fMRI scan data, unprocessed and minimally preprocessed,
  • 6 Retinotopy task fMRI scans, unprocessed and minimally preprocessed
  • 4 Movie Watching task fMRI scans, unprocessed and minimally preprocessed
  • Diffusion MRI scans, unprocessed only
  • FIX-Denoised fMRI data for:
    • Resting State
    • Movie watching task

This is a package only release, meaning that although the image data is available for download, currently session details (scan timing, etc.) are not yet viewable in ConnectomeDB.

3T Structural scans (that were released in December for the S900) are available for 897 subjects. 730 subjects completed all of the four MRI modalities in the HCP protocol: structural images (T1w and T2w), resting-state fMRI (rfMRI), task fMRI (tfMRI), and high angular resolution diffusion imaging (dMRI). In addition to MR scans, 95 subjects also have at least some resting-state MEG (rMEG) and/or task MEG (tMEG) data available, with 50 subjects completing the entire HCP MEG protocol.

Access 900 Subjects + Initial 7T data on the HCP website. Explore and download the HCP 900 Subjects + Initial 7T dataset via the ConnectomeDB database. Most HCP image and behavioral data is openly accessible to investigators worldwide who register and accept a limited set of Open Access Data Use Terms. (Note: Please clear your browser cache before logging in to ConnectomeDB.)

If you are actively using HCP data and tools, we encourage you to join and be active in the hcp-users discussion group, so that you can tune in to technical discussions on issues that may be of interest.

Thanks again for your interest in the HCP and enjoy the data!