HCP Young Adult

Podcast: Nature.com profiles the Human Connectome Project

Author: Will Horton
Published: Oct 11, 2010
Study: HCP Young Adult

Nature.com’s Kerri Smith interviews the NIH’s Mike Huerta, as well as Van Weeden from the MGH-UCLA consortium and David Van Essen of the WashU-UMinn consortium of the Human Connectome Project, for the latest episode of NeuroPod. In the interview, we get a top-level view of the project-wide goals of the Human Connectome Project.

The feature, titled “Connecting the Dots,” begins at 13:18 of this podcast.

Other topics include recent research on migraines (0:48), the possibilities of multiple evolutions of the brain (6:51), and the storage of emotional information our subconscious (18:39).

You can download the full podcast here.