HCP Young Adult

The Skyra has Landed!

Author: Will Horton
Published: Nov 12, 2010
Study: HCP Young Adult

On Tuesday, November 9th, a new Siemens Skyra 3T scanner for the WU-Minn HCP was delivered to the University of Minnesota and was installed at the CMRR (Center for Magnetic Resonance Research). In the spring of 2011, a customized gradient insert (Siemens SC72) will be installed on this scanner.

During the coming year, investigators and colleagues from UMinn and other consortia members will work to optimize the performance of the Skyra scanner, including the implementation of new pulse sequences for greater sensitivity and spatial resolution. Early in 2012, the Skyra will be transferred to WashU, where Phase II scanning of 1,200 subjects will occur.

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Photos of the Skyra’s Arrival: